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McIntosh Lalani Engineering Calgary Alberta

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Materials Testing

McIntosh Lalani has a fully equipped materials testing laboratory, and in conjunction with our field staff, can provide for a comprehensive array of testing services for soil, asphalt and concrete.

1. Aggregate and Asphalt Testing
Our fully equipped laboratory and field staff are qualified to provide quality control and assurance testing for your asphalt concrete. As well, we have a mobile lab which can be mobilized to remote highway crushing operations, quarries and asphalt plants. Our capabilities include:

  • Superpave Mix design, verification and testing
  • Marshall Mix design, verification and testing
  • EPS project quality control testing
  • Asphalt Concrete coring
  • Nuclear Densometer Testing

2. Concrete Testing
Our CSA certified Category II laboratory (by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories) and field staff are ready to work with you to provide concrete testing in accordance with CSA A23.1 & A23.2 specifications. Our automated curing tanks and compressive strength testing equipment ensure that you will receive representative and repeatable results, as well as prompt notification of your quality assurance testing results. Our capabilities include:

  • Sieve analysis and Specific Gravity of concrete aggregates
  • Fresh concrete testing including; compressive strength, flexural strength and density determination
  • Zero slump concrete testing
  • Mortar and grout testing
  • In-situ testing, including coring, lok-bolt and rebound hammer assessment
  • Durability testing, including RCP, linear traverse and salt scaling

3. Soils Testing
Our modern and comprehensive soils laboratory is equipped to deal with a wide variety of testing requirements for your projects, and our field staff is ready to provide quality assurance testing for your construction needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Compaction monitoring and testing for grading, utility installation and backfill
  • Proctor Density Determination
  • Soil Index Property Determination
  • Soil Shear Strength Parameters
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